Bio Imaging System

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FOBI is a device that can image and analyze fluorescent signals from tissues and organisms. Images of various fluorescent proteins and dyes are taken using 4 channels consisting of Blue, Green, Red, and NIR. Using an optimized light source, filter, and color camera for macro-imaging, FOBI can obtain intuitive and high quality images. This configuration clearly distinguishes between background and signal without further analysis and is also available through a live window.


CheBI is optimized for Western blot experiment, using the highly efficient Cooling CCD Camera. Its compact size (260 x 260 x 400mm) helps make better use of a space in the laboratory. Its exposure time can be set by the users manually. And the images can be accumulated which enable users to choose the best image. Users can select a certain Region Of Interest (ROI), measure the ROI and manage the data using Microsoft Excel.

FluoroBox_01 copy.jpg

FluoroBox is a device that images DNA electrophoresis gel and analyzes. FluoroBox Blue is optimized for the reagents, wavelength of 450nm~490nm, that is invented alternative to EtBr. It consists of LED light and dark room chamber. FluoroBox can also be used in conjunction with UV  transilluminator. Compact size and simple design has satisfied user’s convenience. Gel can be observed through the window at the top and gel cutting can be done conveniently through the doors at each side.