Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging System 

Bioimaging Systems

CELLGENTEK is a company that conducts studies and invents to create the optimal bioimaging instrument.


In Vivo Imaging

FOBI is a device that can image and analyze fluorescent signals from tissues and organisms. Images of various fluorescent proteins and dyes are taken using 4 channels consisting of Blue, Green, Red, and NIR. Using an optimized light source, filter, and color camera for macro-imaging, FOBI can obtain intuitive, high quality images.


Western Blot Imaging

Its compact size (26cm width x 26cm depth) helps make better use of CheBI is optimized for Western blot research, using the highly efficient Cooling CCD Camera.a space in the laboratory.
It’s exposure time can be set by the users manually or it can be calculated automatically. Also, the shots can be accumulated which enable users to choose the best shot.


DNA gel Imaging

EtBr and UV have been used in laboratories for techniques such as agarose gel electrophoresis. However, it has been shown that EtBr is toxic and  potential mutagen. Also, UV can damage DNA sample and UV radiation is harmful.

FluoroBox is optimized for excitation of alternative reagent to EtBr with 470nm Blue LED replacing UV light.

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