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In Vivo Imaging System

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Optimized Filters for In Vivo Imaging

FOBI uses optimized filters for In Vivo imaging. Fluorescent In Vivo imaging should be able to remove a reflected light of a remaining light source and a background light originated from self-fluorescence existing in biological tissues. FOBI uses differentiated filters with a fluorescence microscope since such a background light shows different patterns with cell imaging getting from a fluorescence microscope.




There are two types of FOBI. One is a standard type that takes a picture with the door closed and outside light blocked. The other is an open type with no doors and walls on the right and left. The open type FOBI can be used when the sample size is large, such as rabbits and apes, or when recording a video of a surgical scene.

Product Type

Mini In Vivo Imaging System

FluoroMini is available as a mini In Vivo Imaging system. Tumorization, Stem cell, Immune cell, DDS and Plant, Various applications can be applied. FluoroMini is a cameraless mini version of FOBI. But if you need an image, you can use normal camera to get the image and analyze. 

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